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Community and Environment

°   We design & manufacture a portion of our collections in our own sustainable, fair-wage paying NYC factory.  It is our mission to continue to grow this.

°   We source locally first; 98% of our garments are made in the US, and over half of our fabrics are domestic.

°   Supplying US clients with US production reduces our carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide footprint.

°   We use green building infrastructures to minimize our waste, energy, and water usage (for example, we use LED lighting and Energy-Star rate appliances in our offices).

°   We limit our inventories and waste, and clean with non-toxic products.

°   We reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we can. 

°   Textile leftovers are donated to local fashion schools.

°  Unused garments are donated to local students in need, Salvation Army, and Dress for Success.

°   We are a 100% women-owned business.  We encourage and employ women and minorities.  We invest in our people by providing on-the-job training and growth opportunities.

°   We provide internships that have been described as “life-changing,” where the intern is taken under the wing of a management staff and given a full immersion experience, encouraged to ask questions, and taught how to take things to the next level.

°   We stay involved with the local fashion school community by mentoring students, giving speeches to classes, and facilitating fashion work placement.

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