Unlike your traditional uniform companies that provide basic, unattractive uniforms, Z Form is a custom design firm that creates, manufactures, distributes, and wholesales flattering uniforms unrivaled by our competition. 

Our team has a high fashion background with uniform expertise. 

Z Form is handmade in America, which allows us to design high-quality style, with quick deliveries, low minimums, and our clothing is durable.  

Specializing in “front of the house” garments like cocktail dresses, hand-crafted suits, shirts, vests, bustiers, pants, and skirts, we have found the elusive “sweet spot” of creating a uniform that looks like retail clothing, while standing out in an environment and has workwear functionality. 

Currently, we specialize in the casino, hotel, nightclub, and restaurant market.  

Z Form will create unmatched custom uniforms for your company that allow your employee’s visual impression to mirror your brand.