Ms. Voom

Master Seamstress, Tailor, Draper, and Patternmaker

Ms. Voom is the true authority is sewing, draping, fabric, fit, patternmaking, and construction. A master at all tasks with more than 45 years of custom sewing experience, Taylor SwiftCarrie Underwood, Kate Winslet, Vanna White, the elite socialites of New York, and international Opera stars are just a handful of the people who have worn her creations.  Ms. Voom supervises all Z Form samples and preps them for production.

Mr. Federici

Production Manager and Factory Sourcer

With more than 35 years of experience as a Production Manager and Sourcer, setting up production for companies like Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, and Nike, Mr. Federici is a maestro at production.  He not only directs and sets up Z Form production in the best factories, he advises on sizing rules, interior uniform construction needs, patterns, and markers to ensure production runs smoothly.  With the Z Form team, he constantly monitors that the sample house and factory are on the same page, establishing precise production with on time deliveries.

Ms. Gennaro

Executive Assistant

Ms. Gennaro has a firm grasp of the business knowledge needed to be successful in the fashion industry from working at companies like Brooks Brothers, with roots in the creative sector as well.  She supports Z Form in the important details necessary for fulfilling client orders, company marketing and merchandising, as well as long-term business endeavors. Currently, Ms. Gennaro is studying Fashion Merchandising Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology to continue to grow her fashion knowledge.

Ms. Koo

Design Assistant 

After running her own cocktail dress boutique in Korea, often selling to hostesses at the finest restaurants in Seoul, Ms. Koo moved to New York to further her design career.  She is a sought-after stylist, often called upon by celebrities, television shows, and bloggers to coordinate looks.  An incredible artist, designer, and sewer, she assists in all phases of the Z Form design process.

Ms. King

Seamstress, Draper, and Patternmaker

Ms. King loves to solve design, fit, construction, and patterning challenges.  With 30 years of sewing experience, she assists the Z Form team on samples and production. 

Mr. Williams, Ms. Miller, Mr. Cerriku, Ms. Mueller, Ms. Walker, among others

Fit Models

Z Form creates and tests new designs on a variety of fit models, of diverse sizes and ethnicities, to ensure the garment design fits and flatters different shapes and sizes.  

Ms. Zimba

CEO, Founder, and Creative Director

Kelsy Zimba has carved out a niche for herself as a new designer, creating customized clothing for a discerning clientele.  Her gowns have been worn at the Oscars, with her designs seen on E!, Access Hollywood, and WWD.  Her couture line, Kelsy Zimba, is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. Before starting her business, she learned from some of the best in the fashion industry at Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Jhane Barnes, and Diversified Apparel, among others, usually working with the name decision maker.  Graduating “Fashion Design Student of the Year” from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ms. Zimba also studied in Italy under the illustrious Salvatore Ferragamo family.  At the age of 16 she started designing uniforms for the NFL and NBA cheerleaders, college & high school dance teams, and international ice-skaters.  Overseeing all aspects of the creation and production process at Z Form, her ubiquitous designs are a result of truly listening to what the client wants and delivering it exactly as promised.

Z Form Uniform Kelsy Zimba 8.JPG

Mr. Sokolik

Master Tailor and Patternmaker

As a master tailor that takes precision and quality very seriously, Mr. Sokolik brings more than 50 years of tailoring knowledge to Z Form.  He has constructed suits for heads of countries, top athletes with unusual body shapes, and leading businessmen.  Specializing in menswear and womenswear, he will not stop until the garment is perfect.  

Mr. Nadel

Product Development, Sourcing, Merchandising, and Production Consultant

Raised in the apparel industry, Mr. Nadel has been immersed in it for more than 25 years.  The current Vice President of Merchandising for Men’s Wearhouse, he is an industry leader in sourcing, product development, merchandising, and production.  As a consultant for Z Form, he provides straight-to-the-answer facts for new product development.


Mr. Tell

Textile Sourcing, Importing/ Exporting and Shipping Consultant

The President of Textile Import, Mr. Tell is an expert in textile sourcing, importing, exporting, and shipping.  As a consultant for Z Form on these fabric subjects, he advises on where to source, so that the highest quality uniform fabrics are found for the best price, ensuring cost effective prices, duty and shipping rates, with timelines that meet the client’s needs. 

Ms. Lee

Graphic Designer

A top graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Ms. Lee works on Z Form’s graphic development including custom prints and logos, embroideries, color matching, laser cutting, embellishments, beading, appliqué, and more.  She also confirms that anything in the computer-to-computer interface speaks the same language.  

Ms. Durrant

Seamstress, Draper, and Patternmaker

Sewing for more than 35 years, including running her own dress and alteration shop in Jamaica, creating gowns for the Academy Awards and the Emmy's, as well as constructing clothing for numerous celebrities, Ms. Durrant assists Z Form in sampling and production.  A true asset to Z Form, she specializes in clothing for all ethnicities and creates patterns ready for production. 

Z Form Uniform Kelsy Zimba 3.JPG